Canadian Broker Network appoints Mike Robinson as Chairman

(“CBN”), Canada’s leading network of independent insurance brokers is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Robinson, President and CEO, PBL Insurance Limited as Chairman.

Outgoing Chairman, Tim Miller, President, Capri Insurance Services has served CBN well for the past three years. As Chairman, Tim focused his energy on fostering higher levels of collaboration between the members, growing the membership and laying the groundwork for CBN’s strategic direction.

“On behalf of the CBN, I’d like to personally thank Tim for his insights and support. His guidance has helped to set us on a successful course for the future. We welcome Mike Robinson as Chairman who’s industry experience, vision and leadership skills will be of great value to CBN as we continue to grow and execute on our strategy.” Lorie Phair, Managing Director

About the Canadian Broker Network

The Canadian Broker Network ( includes Cal LeGrow Insurance Limited, Capri Insurance Services, CMW Insurance Services, Lawrie Insurance Group, McLean Hallmark Insurance Group, PBL Insurance, Rogers Insurance, Smith, Petrie, Carr & Scott Insurance, Sharp Insurance, South Western Group and Bullfrog Insurance, the industry’s first digital commercial broker. Together, the network has outperformed the market on organic growth, writing more than $1 billion in property casualty premiums as well as employee benefits and life and financial services, with over 50 offices across Canada and more than 1,500 employees.

Maturing out of a forum dating back to 2002 originally designed to exchange best practices, CBN today provides a unique alternative for members to grow and innovate their business. CBN’s guiding principles of innovation, collaboration, commitment to growth, and independence ensure members can deliver the best possible value proposition to their clients, employees, and insurer partners.


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