Vaccines are being delivered across Canada to protect our health. And now a new insurance product to protect our children and even jilted lovers from online abuse. Surely not?

As the world shows increasing commitment towards creating a truly inclusive society, there is the need to do the same in the online community – and remove the fear of personal threats, harassment, or abuse.

Experts agree cyberbullying, which is acknowledged to be under-reported, is on the rise. Statistics Canada reported in 2016 that at least one in five students had been victims of cyberbullying or cyberstalking. Canada has one of the highest rates of bullying according to a global survey of parents. In the USA, PEW Research Center, 59% of US teenagers have been bullied online, while non-consensual sexual images continues to rise.

When cyber insurance entrepreneur Vishal Kundi, learned about the impact of online bullying to children, as a father himself, he felt he was well positioned to come to their aid. His firm, BOXX Insurance, created Cyberboxx Home Edition. It combines insurance coverage for cyber bullying, cyber ransom, online fraud and more. As well as online credit monitoring provided by Equifax, and access to a 24/7 emergency hotline – coined as the Hackbusters.

Canadian Broker Network, CBN, a national network of independently owned insurance brokers, has aligned with BOXX to ensure its personal clients across Canada have access to this important protection. “Many individuals and families are unaware of the digital harm their families are exposed to.  The business world has access to tools and insurance coverage to respond and recover from cyber threats and reputational abuse and now individuals and families can be protected also!” says CBN President, Lorie Phair.

Cyberboxx Home Edition is available through members of the Canadian Broker Network. For details of the brokerage nearest you, visit

Phair concludes, “Technology should enable our children to flourish.  Let’s make it our goal to keep it that way.”

About the Canadian Broker Network

The Canadian Broker Network is an alliance of leading independent insurance brokerages representing more than $1.8 billion in property casualty premiums as well as employee benefits and life and financial services, with over 50 offices across Canada and more than 1,500 employees.

About BOXX Insurance Inc.

BOXX Insurance Inc. is a new type of insurance company for a new type of risk. Their flagship product suite, Cyberboxx™, combines insurance with incident response and security services so businesses and families can stay ahead of cyber threats, rely on experts to respond to attacks, and recover faster and more cost-effectively.

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