13 Key Winter Driving Tips For Truckers

Did you know? Even the most experienced truckers can find it difficult to navigate icy roads when winter temperatures plummet below five degrees. “Reduced traction, coupled with poor visibility, makes the job of a big rig driver extremely challenging,” says Rob Cyr, Transportation Insurance Expert and Senior Account Executive at Rogers Insurance, a member of […]

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Manage Your Transport Risk: Emergency Stops

Did you know? As of June 2021, all Canadian carriers operating Federally are required to implement an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) in their commercial vehicles. However, the one year educational period with no enforcement remains in effect until June 12, 2022. “All Federally regulated carriers who are currently required to do paper records of duty […]

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8 Ways To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Did you know? Water damage is the main reason for insurance claims in Canada. These days, increased severe weather events cost the insurance industry around $2 billion in yearly catastrophic losses – most of which is due to water related damage, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Whether it’s a flood or a burst […]

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