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Canada's leading independent insurance broker network.

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The Canadian Broker Network (CBN) is Canada’s leading network of independent insurance brokers.

Together, CBN members represent more than $1 billion in property casualty premiums as well as employee benefits, life and financial services with over 50 offices across Canada and more than 1,500 employees.

Maturing out of a forum dating back to 2002, originally designed to exchange best practices, CBN today provides a unique alternative for members to grow and innovate their business. CBN’s guiding principles of innovation, collaboration, commitment to growth, and independence ensures that members can deliver the best possible value proposition to their clients, employees, and insurer partners.


Meeting the needs of millions of clients across Canada.

What we do

CBN helps members grow their businesses and profitability through cross learning and sharing of information in a confidential environment.

Collaborate on Projects

Sharing of Information

Joint Ventures

Senior managers and key employees pool resources and ideas to evaluate potential business opportunities and create unique product solutions for their clients.

Share reliable industry data to develop new product and service options for clients and insurance companies.

Collaborate on unique investment opportunities, brokerage acquisitions, new technologies, products and programs that compliment member operations and provide leading edge solutions to CBN members, their clients and the industry.